Why Digital Marketing is so important ?

Why Digital Marketing is so important ?

Why Digital Marketing is so important and why should you take up this training?

Learn from the leaders of Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social media- Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mobile, Ecommerce Marketing) from Kerala’s No.1 training institutes / classes in Kochi.

  • Digital Marketing strategy helps reach out to a large audience all within a small investment.
  • Digital Marketing helps to build brand reputation.
  • Digital Marketing is Important to market/establish your business online.
  • Digital marketing in business helps generate higher revenues.
  • 34% of the businesses already had an integrated digital marketing plan in 2016
  • 72% marketers believe that traditional marketing is no longer sufficient and Digital Marketing will make their company revenue to be increased by 30% by the end of 2017
  • More than 80% of businesses will increase their digital marketing spending plan that may go beyond the IT budget.
  •  Importance of Digital Marketing- Equal Opportunity for all kinds of businesses

    DM levels the online playing field and offers equal opportunities for all kinds of businesses. It is no more like the old days scenario when multinationals and big business houses mostly embraced Digital Marketing. Now, DM really evens the odds, giving little and medium businesses the opportunity to compete against the established businesses and draw in their share of traffic.

    • Small and medium scale businesses or startups now have the assets to perform sales and marketing processes that were beforehand accessible to big companies.
    • While thinking of the importance of Digital Media Marketing, the most noticeable benefit is its ability to engage with multiple customers without using call centre services.
    • Even the conversions associated with DM rank higher than other modes of marketing and communications.

    Businesses measure accomplishment by the rate of approaching traffic gets converted into leads, supporters, subscribers, deals or sales. If there occurs no conversion, all your activity would amount to nothing and all your marketing endeavors will essentially go to squander. That is the reason entrepreneurs are streamlining their digital advertising efforts towards Conversion Rate Optimization, making it their top most priority.

  • There are a few CRO tools and procedures that you can use for your digital advertising effort to optimize conversion.


  • Different digital marketing activities like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and email marketing, etc. will also aid you in doing so.


  • As observed from the below given HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing Report, SEO, SMO and Email Marketing create fast and viable communications with the target audiences and ensure higher conversion rates-